Reviews and Comments

‘…a fine new Piano Course… Esther Cohen is the name on the covers and it is a good production. The five books have a clean fresh appeal to the eye, only lightly illustrated in black and white, intelligent, lots of new ideas and… encouragement to sing, right from the earliest stages! That really caught my attention. The course will stimulate a young person’s imagination while developing the necessary skills and styles. There is a lot of new music here… and none of that thin and weedy stuff I can’t stand in so many tutors.’
John York, Piano magazine
‘…one of the most refreshing and unique piano courses currently available. Its double edged approach with emphasis on both playing by ear in addition to using and teaching notation, presented in a package which is humorously illustrated and systematic in progression, is I believe second to none…’
Timothy Sharpe, Principal Teacher of Music, St Ambrose Sec. School
‘…I have a small girl pupil who is enjoying (the) album with illustrations. I can see (and hear!) that this album shows a real grasp of child-music-psychology – truly! – A joy!’
Ronald Stevenson, composer, pianist, teacher
Review of Vols 1, 3, 5, 7 of the Piano course Vols 1–24 ‘…a good mix of simple pieces, finger exercises, clear explanations of technical and musical terms which relate to the music on the page, and ‘handy hints’ which reinforce elements of the pieces and exercises they accompany. The ‘workouts’ featured throughout each book emphasise the need to develop a technique from the beginning, and the use of poems to underscore some of the melodies helps the player to get a feel for the pulse, as dictated by the words.’
Faye Caley, Music Teacher magazine
Review of Out of doors (Vol. 8, Piano course Vols 1–24)Out of doors is a charming collection of ten pieces for students just starting to play hands-together. The pieces are particularly suited to those with small hands as five-finger positions are used nearly throughout. Not that the hands use the same group of five notes within each piece as there is a considerable amout of movement about the keyboard. The result is musically satisfactory without being difficult technically and makes the pieces sound more advanced than they really are.

All the music is based on patterns which would make the pieces easy to teach by rote. For example, no.7 River and stream uses the same broken chord patterns for the accompaniment in different places on the keyboard. No.1 Sad owl makes a feature of an interval of a fifth in the bass, using it for the call of the owl, ‘too-whoo’. Some of the pieces have words, such as no.2 On the hill, where the hands play in unison, or no.6 Downtown with its walking bass. Particularly good is Step lively, which is bright and cheerful, and Swings and roundabout with its rising and falling broken chords. A thoroughly enjoyable publication.’
AF, Piano Journal (EPTA)