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Vol. 9 Snake charmer



Few children fail to be excited at the idea of being able to play the jazzy number, Split Ends, but this book also contains the classical piece, At the Spinning Wheel (Köhler), a Czerny study under the pseudonym of Taking Turns as well as a slightly tipsy arrangement of The Drunken Sailor!

Pre-grade 1–grade 1

Contents list

  • Allegretto, CZERNY
  • Stray dog, E.C.
  • Grasshopper, E.C.
  • Bus pass, E.C.
  • At the spinning wheel, KÖHLER
  • The drunken sailor, Trad. arr. E.C.
  • Cycling, E.C.
  • Dayenu, Trad. Hebrew song, arr. E.C.
  • Taking turns, KÖHLER
  • Split end, E.C.
  • Snake charmer, E.C.
  • Country gardens, English Morris Dance, arr. E.C.
  • Cosy cat, E.C.
  • Quadrille, HAYDN
  • Brontosaurus, E.C.
  • She’ll be comin’ round the mountain, Trad. arr. E.C.
  • For he’s a jolly good fellow, Trad. arr. E.C.