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Vol. 21 Milestone



As the title of the book suggests, pupils who reach volume 21 have reached a milestone where they should be able to tackle music of a Grade 6 level and beyond. The Prelude in B minor is the first Chopin piece to appear in the Piano Course Vols 1–24 and the well-known Cuckoo (Daquin) is here also. The lesser known piece by Kirchner (from his New Scenes of Childhood) makes an impressive performance piece, while Still and Silent has eerie, other-worldly feel to it.

Grade 6–7

Contents list

  • The Cuckoo, DAQUIN
  • Prelude in B minor, op28/6, CHOPIN
  • Study in C, HELLER
  • Still and Silent, E.C.
  • from New Scenes of Childhood, KIRCHNER
  • Oil painting, E.C.