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Vol. 20 One way or another



The title piece which ends Volume 20 is full of driving rhythm and unfamiliar chords; the musically astute might detect hints of the subtitle piece, Three Blind Mice. More conventionally, the book starts with Solfeggio ( CP E Bach) and includes Orage (Burgmüller, To a wild rose (Macdowell) as well as an interesting exploration of cross rhythms (Don’t stop now).

Grade 5–6

Contents list

  • Solfeggio, C. Ph. E. BACH
  • To a Wild Rose, MACDOWELL
  • Don’t stop now, E.C.
  • Orage (Storm), BURGMÜLLER
  • Going nowhere fast, BERTINI
  • Auld Lang Syne, trad. arr. E.C.
  • Miniature, KIRCHNER
  • Alone together, E.C.
  • …a sort of African beat… (duet), E.C.
  • One way or another, E.C.