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Vol. 15 Spiral stairs



Spiral Stairs begins with a gorgeous arrangement of the Hebridean folksong, Eriskay love lilt, which uses an unusual harmonic palette for the verse and requires confidence in the use of the sustaining pedal. This volume includes the ever-popular Arabesque (Burgmüller) as well as Mozart’s delicate Minuet in F. Solfeggio (J C F Bach) raises the demands to a new height and the book is rounded off with the cheery Jam and peanut butter sandwich!

Grade 3–4

Contents list

  • Eriskay love lilt, Trad. arr. E.C.
  • Arabesque, BURGMÜLLER
  • Spiral stairs, E.C.
  • Minuet in F, MOZART
  • Study in C, CZERNY
  • A trot on the deck, E.C.
  • Juggler, E.C.
  • Minuet, Composer unknown
  • Solfeggio, J.C.F.BACH
  • Jam and peanut butter sandwich, E.C.