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Vol. 10 Pepper and salt



Pepper and Salt opens with the simple beauty of Neefe’s Canzonet, includes a remarkably effective arrangement of Greensleeves where the left hand plays a pattern of descending 7ths and, of course, a jaunty little jazzy piece called Streetwise.

Grade 1–2

Contents list

  • Canzonet, NEEFE
  • Michael Finnegan, Trad. arr. E.C.
  • Daddy-long-legs, E.C.
  • Left turn, CZERNY
  • Pepper and salt, E.C.
  • Tea-rex, E.C.
  • Sonatina, GURLITT
  • Beetle, E.C.
  • Amazing grace, Trad. arr. E.C.
  • Scaling the heights, CZERNY
  • Cat and mouse capers, E.C.
  • Streetwise, E.C.
  • Greensleeves, Trad. arr. E.C.
  • Jig, Arnold