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Vol. 3 Beside the pool



Describing the world in a garden as seen through the eyes of the garden gnome who sits beside the garden pond, this book takes a slightly more formal approach to learning to read music with lots of simple (but interesting!) pieces. The reading pieces are for five fingers in each hand, centred around middle C. Most of the tunes are about what the garden gnome sees around him, but there are a few traditional tunes familiar to most children.
Beside the Pool also includes some tunes which use the range of the keyboard: these are taught by demonstration and played from memory. They help children to develop independence of each hand, explore a range of sounds, but most of all, they are fun!

As in At the Circus, the music for these pieces has been written for the information of teachers and parents – it is not intended that the pupil should read these pieces! The patterns to be played are easily absorbed, and each piece has detailed hints, and a keyboard diagram to show the starting position.

Illustrations by Robbie Mendelow