There was a time when we didn’t have parents in lessons of young children. So we really know the difference it makes to have them there!

Here are a few reasons:

  • The parent can take notes about the lesson making it easier for the teacher can focus on giving the lesson.
  • The parent can take part in the lesson by singing, clapping and trying out the pieces ; making it easier for young children to have the confidence to ‘give it a go’.
  • The parent knows exactly what – and how – to practise at home, giving the child the best chance to get on fast.

The younger the child, the more parental involvement is necessary. We find progress is hugely increased when there is a parent helping with piano practice. Learning a musical instrument presents both physical and challenges. Just as with sport, each activity must be repeated over and over again until it becomes natural. The weekly session with the teacher shows the pupil what is to be done, but the real work is done in the regular session at the piano at home.

Many parents are able to learn along with their children for a surprisingly long time and they can enjoy learn with their child by working things out together at home. Most parents, even without a musical background, find reading music at the first stages pretty straightforward especially they are watching the weekly lesson. Even when the time comes when the parent can’t keep up with the tasks. The best encouragement you can give your children is to listen to them play and to ensure they cover the work set each week.