All the music in the Ebony Music Course (and supplementary books) is available on YouTube and all our pupils listen to these recordings as part of their weekly practice – so they always know how the piece they are working on should sound.

It takes a lot of musical understanding to be able to look at the notes of a piece of music on the printed page and know how it will sound. Practising a piece of music when you have a clear image of what you are aiming makes the task more meaningful and successful.

Our YouTube channel contains many hundreds of videos. All the music in Ebony Music books is there and you can follows the notes on your device as the music is played. There are also many videos of our pupils playing these pieces, usually at their weekly lesson, and also at pupil’s concerts. The playlists of Ebony Music books, both teachers’ and pupils’ performances, can be found in playlists of each book, either in our YouTube channel, or in the embedded videos on different pages of this website. You can find our YouTube channel here.