About me

Esther Cohen

I created Ebony Music as a way of encouraging children to enjoy learning to play the piano.

My main instruments are piano and voice, although I can get by on organ, saxophone, clarsach (small harp), and violin. Having studied social science at undergraduate level at Strathclyde University, I gained my piano teaching diploma (LGSM) from London’s Guildhall School of Music in 1986. Later, I was awarded a Master’s degree (MA) in Psychology for Musicians by Sheffield University, for which I conducted original research into the work of teaching children to sight-read on the piano.

I have five children and four grandchildren and am married to Archie McLellan, who also taught piano. Archie and I taught both privately and in schools for many years. Archie is now retired but I still teach at home.

In my leisure time, I’m a bit of a ‘dabbler’. I enjoy gardening, acting, word games, cooking, sewing and knitting, cycling and walking, reading, the theatre, and listening to music. I’m also the musical director for Rainham Community Choir.

In addition to the music I have composed, I have written three books.

I write an occasional blog on music teaching and other matters.

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