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Are you thinking about piano lessons for yourself or your children? I’d love to help you!

I have taught piano to many, many children and adults for over 30 years in Scotland, and have relocated to Medway, Kent, to be closer to our family. I hope to give you here a flavour of ‘the way I do things’ at piano lessons and answer some of the questions you might have. On my YouTube channel, you can see hundreds of videos of our pupils playing at their lessons and at pupils’ concerts. Just click in the link at the bottom of every page and start exploring! I think you’ll like what you see and hear.

Learning to play the piano is learning for life. My hope is that our pupils will gain a love of music which they will be able to develop in whatever way they choose. Few of my pupils have any intention of taking up a career in music, but music can become an important element in their lives, either as a private leisure pursuit or as a shared activity with others.

I hope you and your child are excited about piano lessons and eager to start.

both piano lessons and music books.

Ebony Music was created by Archie McLellan and Esther Cohen. Archie and Esther have run a busy piano teaching practice for over 30 years. That has given them ample opportunity to pool their ideas, skills, and teaching experiences; the result is a comprehensive piano teaching course which can take their pupils from their first lesson all the way to Grade 8 standard. Over the years, they have been using the course with the whole range of their pupils, fine-tuning it as they discovered what worked best, and adding much supplementary material.